Thursday, May 7, 2009

Costumes and Mashed Potatoes

As Nathan is talking more and more (saying crazy long sentences, singing any song he hears, and reciting nursery rhymes and books) it's fun to see what he thinks about the world around him. He comes up with some interesting names for things based on association. He calls lollipops "costumes" because he remembers getting them for Halloween when he had to wear a costume. Other candy he usually calls "Trick-or-Treat" for the same reason. Mr. Potato Head in our house is "Mashed Potatoes." My reaction must have been priceless the first time Nathan said he wanted to play with Mashed Potatoes.

And one more cute thing. Yesterday Nathan decided to line up his books to make a track for his cute and smart is that!

I'll have to post some more updates later.

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