Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love You

Nathan has started to give us completely unsolicited I Love Yous. It is so cute and I love hearing him say I Love Mommy (or Daddy or Emily). I still have so much to catch up on but when do I find time to blog with such a busy toddler. This past weekend we went to Grand Rapids and it was Nathan's first time in a hotel. We went to the Children's Museum and he had a blast. Pictures are still on my camera because I am running out of space on my computer.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Thank you for peaches"

Ok, so I am soooooo far behind on blogging for the kids, and I still have to post about Christmas and Nathan's birthday (which was a blast, he had so much fun) and oh so many other things but I had to post what happened today.

I was oh so tired and knew Emily would be waking from her nap soon so I tried to convince Nathan to take a nap with me. We went and laid in "Mommy's bed" and pulled up the covers and I closed my eyes. Next thing I hear is Nathan saying "Father, thank you for day, thank you for peaches, thank you for peanut butter and jelly, amen." It was too cute.

Another cute prayer story, on Sunday we went to Tyler's (Nathan's cousin) baptism. It wasn't at our church and things were a bit different for us, like there were no kids at the service except for ours and Tyler. The rest were either in the nursery or "children's church" so it was very quite, as compared to a typical LDS sacrament meeting. While Tyler was being baptized the reverend said "amen" and Nathan very loud and proud said "AMEN!". I think everyone in the chapel must have heard it because everyone chuckled.